T.C.E. Team Profile

Eddie Cooper

6' 0" 192 lbs Man Score: 96, Eddie has been around the construction business for over twenty years either delivering bricks or hauling roll off dumpsters. He has decided to come off the road and bless TCE with his presence behind the counter in Hendersonville. He has three boys and resides in White House with his lovely wife Melinda.

Brett Buttrey

Brett "iBRETT"
6' 0" 230 lbs Man Score: 94, Starting at lead man in Nashville, Brett is our resident technological champion. He is a gifted salesman and has an incredible Myers Briggs classification as an "ESTP." He can be found primarily in the woods during deer and turkey season. Brett lives in Kingston Springs with his sweet wife Crystal.

Jason Baggett

6' 0" 180 lbs Man Score: 94, Starting at Counter Man for the Dickson Store, Jason brings a wealth of talent to our operation. He has expertise in rental equipment and is a positive addition to the life of anyone he comes in contact with. He resides in Burns, Tennessee with his sweet wife Desiree.

Ken Monaghan

Ken Monaghan "BIG LOVIN"
6' 2" 294 lbs Man Score: 97, Starting at Mechanic in Dickson, Big Ken brings a lot to the TCE table in the way of fixing things and overall handsomeness. Between Ken, Caleb, & Jarod, not only do they keep our equipment running smoothly, but they will work on your stuff too. Ken is married to Mrs. Sarah Monaghan and they reside in Burns, TN.

Michael McGee

6'1" 268 lbs Man Score: 95, Starting at lead driver and Counter Support for the Nashville Store, Mike is a burley man full of awesome. Don't let his burliness fool you, he is all heart and even leads singing at his local church. In his spare time, Mike enjoys hunting and the outdoors. Mike has four wonderful kids and is married to the very talented Mrs. Erica McGee.

Robert Petty

Robert Petty "DUGGER"
5' 6" 230 lbs Man Score: 98 Known for his honest and straight forword style, he is a part of the Tennessee Tool history, and we are glad to have him as part of the Tennessee Contractors future. Robert has four grown boys and resides in Kingston Springs with his sweet wife Debbie.

Jared Cathey


At 6' 1" 245 with a Manscore of 95 Jared is our latest wrench turner getting it done at the big store in Dickson. Like many of us at TCE, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and the outdoors in general. Jared lives with his family in White Bluff, Tennessee.

Chris Owen


At 6' 2" 195 with a Manscore of 91 Starting at lead Stihl Mechanic for the Nashville Store, Chris keeps your equipment running as well as his jacked up two wheel drive Toyota. Originally from Gulf Shores, Chris makes his home in East Nashville. He can randomly be heard singing lead vocals on whatever song is currently playing on the radio...just not very well.


Caleb Anderson


At 5' 10" 220 Manscore 97 Caleb breaks the ladies heart's, but fixes everything else. He is head mechanic at our Nashville store. You can typically tell if Caleb answer's the phone by his Narthern accent and vast knowledge of cheese. He is married to the sweet Katie (Martha Stewart), they have three kids, and live in Pleasant View, TN.


Adam England


At 6' 1" 220 Manscore of 94 Adam England brings you equipment on time for our Dickson store. Adam doen't just go hunting, he goes killing. He requires only a sling shot and a couple of stones. Adam is married to Bethany and they reside in Petway with their three children, some cows, and a dog.


John Forrest

John Forrest "THE HAMMER"

6' 2" 220 lbs Man Score 97, Starting at Operations Manager, John enjoys a good challenge and has expertise in operating equipment. He sometimes makes us laugh, sometimes makes us curse. John hales from Pegram, Tennessee and he is married to the sweet Anna of Manchester. They live in Kingston Springs with their daughter Bristol.

Brian "Bud" Petty


5'9" 230 lbs Man Score 93, At Owner, Bud Petty has construction equipment in his blood. With experience as a Project Engineer & Estimator for Bovis, and a stint working with The Hannah Company, Brian returned to the family business several years ago and is currently at the helm of the operation. Brian is married to Tara Petty and they have four children. They reside in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.

Ken Petty

5' 6" 180 Man Score: 97, At Owner, Ken Petty is the Mastermind Behind the operation. T.C.E. is the second successful rental company Mr. Petty has built. He brings a wealth of business knowledge, sales experience, and people skills to our organization. Ken is married to Carol Petty, they have four grown children, and they reside in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.

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