T.C.E. Concrete Tools

Bull Floats & Fresnos


Bull Floats, Fresnos, Concrete Placers, Finishing Brooms, Curb & Gutter Tools, Edgers, & Groovers..We have the Concrete Tools you need. If we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you.

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Hand Floats & Hand Trowels

Concrete Hand Tools MARSHALLTOWN & KRAFT

Floats and Trowels come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different users and applications. Our team will help you find the specific hand tools you need to suit your application.

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Diamond Blades


We are your one stop source for diamond blades. Not all blades are created equal, and you usually get what you pay for. At TCE we will take the time to explain the technology involved behind the blades we sell. We use our blades in our rental fleet, so we have first hand experience of what each product is capable of.

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Core Drills & Core Bits


At TCE we keep several stand up & hand held core drills available in our rental fleet. Additionally we sell core drills and keep a wide variety of bit sizes in stock.

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Trowel & Edging Machines

Concrete Edger BARTELL

For years we have been selling Bartell Concrete Trowels & Edgers in the middle Tennessee Area. The Bartell Trowel is known for its rugged durability as well as its performance. Child not included with purchase.

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Mortar Mixers

Mortar Mixer M-B-W

TCE is your source for M-B-W Mortar & Concrete Mixers. We sell both new and used units.

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Concrete Vibrators

Concrete Vibrator OZTEC

TCE is your source for Electric & Gas Powered Concrete Vibrators. We keep a variety of motor sizes & heads available. We sell both new and used concrete vibrators.

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Brick Tools

Masonry Tools


At TCE we keep a large variety of masonry tools in stock. Come by and let us help you find the right tools for your line of work. Back to Top

Why choose us?

  • We Offer Competitive Pricing
  • Over 10 Years of Experience
  • Hundreds of Rental Equipment Pieces Available
  • Expert Advice on Construction Projects