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We have you covered with our assortment of earthmoving equipment for small and large-scale projects. Our Nashville equipment rental services offer a wide selection of tools to complete your project.

The earthmoving equipment we can provide includes:

  • Track Loaders
  • Skid Loaders
  • Compact Track Loaders
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Baby Mini Excavator – 2300 lb Class
  • Mini Excavator – 9000 lb Class
  • Mid Size Excavator – 26,000 lb Class
  • Large Excavator – 54,000 lb Class

We have you covered!

By providing equipment designed for various types of projects, we are confident that no matter what kind of earthmoving project you are planning, we have you covered. Our safe, efficient, and advanced machinery always maintain a high standard of quality. Call us at (615) 292-2989 to discuss our selection of earthmoving equipment.

Track Loader

Bobcat T650

Available Attachments: Harley Rake, Auger with 9″ 12″ 24″ 36″ or 48″ Bit, Grapple Bucket, 750 lb Hydraulic Hammer, Cyclone Drop Hammer, Street Sweeper, Forks, Smooth Bucket, or Tooth Bucket

Bobcat T650 Specifications: 74 H.P. Diesel Engine, 9,321 lbs Operating Weight, 74″ Wide x 137″ Long x 82″ High, Tipping Load 7,343 lbs, Rated Operating Capacity 2,570 lbs, 124″ Height to Bucket Hinge Pin

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The T650 is the work horse of the construction industry. Bobcats feature extreme versatility with ease of operation. Back to Top

Skid Loader

Bobcat S570

Available Attachments: Harley Rake, Auger with 9″ 12″ 24″ 36″ or 48″ Bit, Grapple Bucket, 750lb Hydraulic Hammer, Cyclone Drop Hammer, Street Sweeper, Forks, Smooth Bucket or Tooth Bucket

S570 Specifications: 61 H.P. Diesel Engine, 6,480 lbs Operating Weight, 68″ Wide x 133″ Long x 78″ High, Tipping Load 3,900 lbs, Rated Operating Capacity 1950 lbs, 119″ Height to Bucket Hinge Pin
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Wheel machines are ideal for compact areas that require versatility. They are easy to operate and one of the greatest pieces of equipment invented in the United States. Back to Top

Compact Track Loader

Dingo Dingo 525 or Vermeer 725TX Track Loader

Available Attachments: Harley Rake, Forks, Trencher, Leveler, Auger with 8″ 12″ 24″ or 30″ Bit
Specifications: 25 H.P. Diesel Engine, 70.7″ Long x 33.7″ Wide x 46.1″ High, 65.8″ to Hinge Pin Height, 1,904 lbs Machine Weight, 1,580 lbs Tip Capacity, 553 lbs Rated Operating Capacity @35% of Tip Weight
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Product Description Dingos are ideal for tight areas featuring powerful versatility and ease of use. At 5.2 psi of ground pressure, they get the job done without tearing up the yard. Back to Top

Loader Backhoe

Case Backhoe Case 580 Super M

Available Attachments: Allied AR85 Hammer (1,185 lbs)

Specifications: 95 HP Diesel Engine, 14,285 lb Operating Weight, Transport Dimensions: 22′ 10″ long x 8′ 10″ high x 81.7″ wide
Front Bucket Specs: 11′ 2″ Maximum Height to Hinge Pin, 8′ 10″ Dump Clearance @ full height w/ 45 degree dump, 6,182 lb Lift Capacity, 82″ Width, 9,164 Lift Cylinder Breakout Force
Backhoe Specs: 14′ 5″ Maximum Digging Depth, 21′ 5″ Maximum Reach from Rear Axel Centerline, 11′ 2″ Loading Height, 12,821lbf Bucket Cylinder Breakout Force, 8,224 lbf Dipper Cylinder Breakout Force

Product Description The Case Backhoe is the industry standard for Versatility, Reliability, and Performance in the Construction World. Back to Top

58K Excavator

Caterpillar 320

Available Attachments: Tramac 5,000lb Hammer

Specifications: 155 Gross HP Diesel Engine, 52,499lb Operating Weight, 31′ 7″ Long x 10′ High x 10′ 5″ Wide, 23′ 4″ Maximum Dump Height, 21′ 9″ Maximum Digging Depth, 31′ 10″ Maximum Digging Reach, 33.510 lb Maximum Bucket Digging Force, 24,250 lbs Maximum Arm Crowd Force, Equipped with Heat & Air Conditioning, Stereo, Rear View Camera, and Komtrax Tracking System

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36K Series Excavator

Caterpillar 312

Specifications: 120 HP Diesel Engine, 38,800 lb Operating Weight

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35 Series MiniExcavator

Bobcat E35

29.1 HP Diesel Engine, 8,245 lb Operating Weight, 15′ 11″ Long x 8′ 4″ High x 5′ 9″ Wide, 11′ 7″ Maximum Dumping Height, 10′ 5″ Maximum Digging Depth, 17′ 7″ Maximum Digging Reach, 6,725 lb Maximum Bucket Digging Force, 4,850 lbs Maximum Arm Crowd Force, Features Rubber Tracks & Front Dozier Blade

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VI08 Series MiniExcavator

Vi08 MiniEx Yanmar VI08 MiniExcavator

Specifications: 9.1 HP Diesel Engine, 2,430 lb Operating Weight, 14″ Bucket, 4′ 11″ Maximum Digging Depth, 2′ 9″ Wide Retractable Tracks to 2′ 3″ Wide, 8′ 6″ Long, 7′ 2″ Tall with Fold Down Roll Cage, 6′ 5″ Maximum Dump Height, 8′ 10″ Maximum Reach, will fit through a standard 3′ x 6′ 8″ Door

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