Generators for Rent

Top Quality Rental Equipment in Nashville

A generator can keep your job site running around the clock. Along with hundreds of other equipment pieces, we are a Nashville equipment rental service with several types of generators available for rent. Make sure your job site has a reliable power source by renting our trustworthy generator for backup or nighttime use.

The types of generators we offer for rent include:

  • Towable generators
  • Portable generators
  • Light towers

Equipment You Can Trust

Even if your job site has a power source, keeping a generator around is never a bad idea to compensate for unforeseen circumstances. Our products come from reliable manufacturers such as Honda, Isuzu, and Kubota because we want to provide dependability for all circumstances. Discuss your unique situation with one of our friendly team members by calling us at (615) 264-4648. We can offer you a free quote today!

T.C.E. Generators

Towable Generators

65KW Generator MMD POWERPRO 65

77.7 HP Isuzu Diesel Engine, Taiyo Generator, 64 dB(A) @ 23′, 36 Gallon Skid Fuel Tank, 100 Gallon Trailer Fuel Tank, 4 GPH Full Load, 3 GPH 75% Load
Standby Power Rating: Single Phase 120V 161 amps, Single Phase 240V 161 amps, Three Phase 208V 177 amps, Three Phase 480V 81 amps

31.5 HP Isuzu Diesel Engine, Taiyo Generator, 65 dB(A) @ 23′, 17 Gallon Skid Fuel Tank, 50 Gallon Trailer Fuel Tank, 1.8 GPH Full Load, 1.2 GPH 75% Load
Standby Power Rating: Single Phase 120V 66 amps, Single Phase 240V 66 amps, Three Phase 208V 73 amps, Three Phase 480V 33amps

Spider Connection Box and Cord Available

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Portable Generators

Portable Generator MMD NGK-6000H

11 HP Honda Engine, Auto Idle, 4.5 Gallon Tank, 5.6 Hours of Run Time, 75 dB, 176 lbs, 26″L x 21.3″W x 20.5″H, Wheel Kit Available
Power: 120/240V, 6,000 Watt & 50 amp Maximum Output, 5,000 Watt 41.7 amp Rated Output

7,000 Watt, 4,300 Watt, & 2,900 Watt Generators in Rental Fleet & Sales Inventory

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Welder MMD NGW-190H

13 HP Honda Engine, Auto Idle, 4.5 Gallon Tank, 5.2 Hours Run Time, 188 lbs, 75 dB, 26.4″L x 20.1″W x 19.5″H, 50′ Leads, & Wheel Kit
Welder Output: 55V Open Circuit Voltage, 50-180 amps, 40% Duty Cycle
Generator Power: 120/240V, 3,800W 31.7 amps Maximum Output, 3,300W 27.5 amps Rated Output

Mig Welder & 220 Amp Bobcat Welder Available

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Light Towers

Light TowerMMD NPD-6TDE 6″ PUMP

10.5 HP Kubota Diesel, 1/2 Gallon Per Hour @ 73% Load, 30 Gallon Fuel Capacity, 30′ Mast @ Raised Position, 13′ 6″ Length, 4′ 1 1/2″ Width, 7′ 9 1/2″ Outrigger Width, 4-1,000 Watt Metal Halide Lights, 1,600 lbs

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