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Established in 2002

Tennessee Contractors Equipment | Nashville Equipment Rental Services

At Tennessee Contractor’s Equipment, we have a wide variety of equipment in stock for all your needs as a contractor. Whether you need a backhoe for relocating earth or a power saw for sizing planks, we offer Nashville equipment rental services to help you fulfill the task at hand. We can also provide you with expert advice on any construction project!

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As a Nashville construction equipment rental company, we manage our equipment to keep it in top shape and strive to offer you competitive prices. Find out what makes us the experts in the field by calling us today:



Pick Aerial Equipment to Rent

Fleet of Aerial Equipment for Rent in Nashville

We are Tennessee Contractor’s Equipment, a locally owned Nashville equipment rental service. Our company offers an excellent fleet of aerial equipment for a variety of different contractor needs. The range of aerial equipment we offer ranges from 15 feet to 60 feet maximum. We can discuss the further specifications of equipment based on your needs.


Extendaboom Forklift

Specifications: 100 HP Diesel Engine, 23,000 lb Operating Weight (Not Including Foam Filled Tires), 44′ Maximum Lifting Height, 27′ Maximum Forward Reach, 8,000 lb Maximum Lifting Capacity, 6,000 lb payload @ Maximum Height, 2,000 lb Payload @ Maximum Reach, Three Steering Modes with Power Assisted Steering, 4 Wheel Drive, 48″ Forks, 24′ Length x 8′ 6″ Width x 9′ 1″ Height

6,000 & 5,000 lb Compact Telehandlers Available

Bucket Attachment Available


40′ Telescopic Boom

Komatsu 5,000 lb Forklift .png

Warehouse Forklift

Propane/Gas Engine, 10,200 lb Operating Weight, 15′ 9″ Maximum Lift Height, 6,000 lb Maximum Payload, 48″ Fork Length


26′ Electric Scissor Lift

Electric Powered, 4,312 Operating Weight, Solid Non-marking Tires, 30% Grade Ability @ stowed height, 26′ Maximum Platform Height, 7′ 5″ Platform Length with Extension to 10′ 5″, 3′ 10″ Width, 7′ 5″ Tall Stowed Height, 5′ 6″ with Fold Down Rails, 1,000 lb Lift Capacity

26′ Narrow Scissor Lifts are available

Genie 60S Telescopic Man Lift.jpeg

60′ Telescopic Boom Lift

65 HP Diesel Engine, 22,750 lb Operating Weight, 60′ 3″ Maximum Platform Height, 49′ 6″ Maximum Horizontal Outreach, 500 lb Platform Capacity, 36″ x 96″ Platform Size, 7′ 11″ Wide x 27′ 11″ Stowed Length x 8′ 5″ Stowed Height


19′ Electric Scissor Lift

Electric Powered, 3,302 lbs Operating Weight, 19′ Maximum Platform Height, 5′ 4″ Platform Length with Extension to 8′ 4″, 2′ 5″ Platform Width, 6′ 7″ Stowed Height, 6′ Overall Machine Length, 30% Grade Ability Stowed, 500 lb Lift Capacity

82 HP Gasoline or Propane Engine, 11,650 lb Operating Weight, 500 lb Lift Capacity, 40′ Maximum Platform Height, 31′ 8″ Maximum Horizontal Reach, 30″ x 48″ Platform Size, 8′ 2″ Tall x 24′ 3″ Long x 7′ 6″ Wide Stowed Dimensions, 40% Grade Ability at Stowed Height

Pick Concrete Equipment to Rent

Concrete Equipment for Rent in Nashville

Our mechanical and industrial experts at Tennessee Contractor’s Equipment are adept at providing just about any kind of equipment for construction projects. No matter how big or small, hefty or intricate, our company rents out quality concrete equipment to customers like you throughout Nashville, Hendersonville, and Dickson. You can rest assured that our concrete equipment is both reliable and well maintained.

Concrete Buggy


Track Buggy


Concrete Power Trowels


Concrete Mixer (Towable)


Mortar Mixer (Towable)

Trowel Machines Feature Honda Engines, Standard Combination Blades, & Heavy Duty Gear Box


Walk Behind Concrete Saw

STIHL TS420 .jpeg

Hand-Held Concrete Saw

14″ Diamond or Abrasive Blade

5″ Cutting Depth


Soff Cut Saw

All Walk Behind Saws feature Honda Engines & Water Hookups


Concrete Vibrators


Concrete Grinder

Ideal for removing paint, epoxy, thin set, and adhesives, repairing damaged or uneven concrete, & grinding high or uneven joints.


Vacuum & water connection, & 2 HP Electric Motor which plugs into a standard outlet.


Core Drills

Core Drills are available in Hand Held, Tower with Bolt On Foot Plate, or Tower with Vacuum Pad Attachment. We stock 3/4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, & 8 Bits in House. We can order other sizes.

Oztec Concrete Vibrators feature a variety of lengths & head diameters. The Electric is available with a 1.2 or 2.4 HP Motor.


Laser Levels

Self-leveling Single-beam Rotary Laser. It features and anti-drift system, low battery indicator, a 1,000′ diameter range, with an accuracy of +/-3/32″ @ 100′.

Pick Earthmoving Equipment to Rent 

Earthmoving Equipment for Rent in Nashville

We have you covered with our assortment of earthmoving equipment for small and large-scale projects. Our Nashville equipment rental services offer a wide selection of tools to complete your project.


300.9 Series Mini Excavator

Specifications: 18 HP Diesel Engine, 2,430 lb Operating Weight, 14″ Bucket, 4′ 11″ Maximum Digging Depth, 2′ 9″ Wide Retractable Tracks to 2′ 3″ Wide, 8′ 6″ Long, 7′ 2″ Tall with Fold Down Roll Cage, 6′ 5″ Maximum Dump Height, 8′ 10″ Maximum Reach, will fit through a standard 3′ x 6′ 8″ Door


55 Series Mini Excavator

Weight (cab) 12,247 lbs Horsepower 47.6 HP

Digging Depth 13'6"

Today the ViO55-6A is one of the most rugged, flexible machines you can have to work effectively in the extremely tight spaces other bulkier excavators simply can’t reach. Add the balance and stability of a conventional excavator and you’ve got one of the best values around. These machines are also capable of being outfitted with a hammer for concrete and light rock demolition.

58K Excavator

Available Attachments: Striker 5,500lb Hammer


Specifications: 155 Gross HP Diesel Engine, 52,499lb Operating Weight, 31′ 7″ Long x 10′ High x 10′ 5″ Wide, 23′ 4″ Maximum Dump Height, 21′ 9″ Maximum Digging Depth, 31′ 10″ Maximum Digging Reach, 33.510 lb Maximum Bucket Digging Force


CAT 239 Track Skidsteer

66 H.P. Diesel Engine, 7,400 lbs Operating Weight, 72″ Wide x 127″ Long x 80″ High


17 Series Mini Excavator

Weight 3836 lbs

Horsepower 14.5 hp

Digging Depth 7’7″


The ViO17-A goes almost anywhere and works efficiently in tight, narrow areas. Our most compact zero tail swing mini excavator goes where larger excavators can’t, and works easily against walls or buildings. But its small stature doesn’t sacrifice power. The 14.5-hp final Tier 4 diesel engine provides the power you need for the toughest jobs, with dramatic lifting capacity and bucket digging force that belies its size. Plus YANMAR’s unique, sturdy variable undercarriage provides flexibility, stability and safety.

20K Excavator

Weight 20,950 lbs

Horsepower 70.3 hp

Digging Depth 22 ft


Delivers maximum power and performance in a smaller size to help you work in a wide range of applications. These machines are also capable of being outfitted with a hammer for rock demo as well as bigger concrete job.


650 Dozier

Net Engine Power: 99 hp @

2,200 rpm

Track on Ground: 87–92 in. Operating Weight: 19,750 lb


35 Series Mini Excavator

29.1 HP Diesel Engine, 8,245 lb Operating Weight, 15′ 11″ Long x 8′ 4″ High x 5′ 9″ Wide, 11′ 7″ Maximum Dumping Height, 10′ 5″ Maximum Digging Depth, 17′ 7″ Maximum Digging Reach, 6,725 lb Maximum Bucket Digging Force, 4,850 lbs Maximum Arm Crowd Force, Features Rubber Tracks & Front Dozier Blade

30K Series Excavator

Weight 28,170 lbs

Horsepower 94 hp

Digging Depth 24 ft


Equipped with a hydraulic thumb, this machine is your go-to for mid-size excavation jobs and demolition. This unit does have steel tracks, so be aware when setting up delivery.


Bobcat S570 Skidloader

Available Attachments: Harley Rake, Auger with 9″ 12″ 24″ 36″ or 48″ Bit, Grapple Bucket, 750lb Hydraulic Hammer, Street Sweeper, Forks, Smooth Bucket or Tooth Bucket.

61 H.P. Diesel Engine, 6,480 lbs Operating Weight, 68″ Wide x 133″ Long x 78″ High


CAT 279 Track Skidsteer


Vermeer 925

74 H.P. Diesel Engine, 10,000 lbs Operating Weight, 77″ Wide x 146″ Long x 83″ High


Vermeer CTX160

Backhoe Loader

Pick Arbor, Lawn, & Garden Equipment to Rent

Landscaping Equipment for Rent in Nashville

With competitive pricing and superior equipment, we are your number one Nashville equipment rental service. We have hundreds of equipment pieces in stock and also provide expert advice on construction projects if you have more than just landscaping needs. Since 2002, we have assisted contractors and individuals who need to beautify their lawns and gardens.


8" Wood Chipper


Post Hole Diggers

160 cc Honda Engine, 4-cycle, 2 Man Operation, 190 ft/lbs of drilling force, 83 lb Operating Weight, 6″ 8″ or 12″ Bit Available

One-man and two-man portable post hole diggers, Dingo Auger, and Bobcat Auger are also available


Track Stump Grinder



4 HP Honda Engine, 26″ Rear Tine Plugger, Self Propelled

Pull Behind Drum Spikers & Pull Behind Plugging Aerators also available


Chain Saws

Hedge Trimmers & Pole Saw Also Available

Sod Cutter

17" Stump Grinder


Straw Blower

18 HP Kohler Gasoline Engine, Trailer Mounted, Electric Start, 6.6 Gallon Fuel Tank, 24″ Wide Folding Feed Tray, 2 Bales Per Minute, 40-50′ Discharge Distance, 108″L x 60″W, 2″ Ball, 1,240 lbs Operating Weight



Load Trail 7,000 lb capacity dump trailer, battery powered, tandem axel, with storage box, 2 5/16″ Ball


Utility Trailers also available.


Harley Rake/Soil Conditioner

Hydraulic powered skid steer attachment, 5′ drum, 67.9″L x 71.7″W, 101 Teeth, 1,084 lb operating weight


Harley Rake Available for Dingo

Pick Water & Air Pumps to Rent

Heavy Duty Water & Air Pumps for Rent in Nashville

Pumping liquid or water takes a heavy-duty solution to take care of the job site. Our top-caliber water pumps at Tennessee Contractor’s Equipment can provide the power you need to pump the liquid that is waiting to be moved. We also carry air pumps to activate any power tools that might need pressurization such as air hammers, scalers, rock drills, and other accessories. We can help determine what tools are best suited for your needs.

3″ TRASH PUMP  .png

Portable Pumps

I8 HP Honda Engine, .5 Gallon Per Hour Consumption, 1.59 Fuel Tank, 130 lbs, 26.7″L x 19″W x 24.2″T, 3″ x 3″ Suction & Delivery, 21,600 Gallons Per Hour Maximum Delivery, 26′ Maximum Suction Lift, 91′ Maximum Head

2″ Centrifugal, 3″ Submersible, 2″ Submersible, 3/4″ Submersible Pumps Available, We Stock a Variety of Hose, Fittings, Connections, Gaskets, & Strainers


Towable Air Compressors

51 HP Nissan Diesel Engine, 185 CFM, 100 PSI Working Pressure, 120 PSI Maximum Working Pressure, 2 – 3/4″ Air Outlets, 2.6 GPH Max Load Fuel Consumption, 2.0 GPH @ 70% Load, 24 Gallon Fuel Tank, 2,492 lbs Operating Weight, 127″L x 57″W x 57″ H, 63 dBa

90, 60, & 35 lb Air Hammers, Scalers, Rock Drills & Accessories Available
Hoses, Couplers, & Other Air Equipment Available

Mi-T-M AC1-PH55-08M  .jpeg

Portable Air Compressors

5.5 HP Honda Engine, 9 CFM @ 100 PSI, Single Stage Pump, 8 Gallon Twin Tank


Air Tools & Hoses Available for Rent

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